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Surreal Sensibilities - (18 - 24 Apr 2015)

Surreal Sensibilities - (18 - 24 Apr 2015)



Invites you to

Surreal Sensibilities

an exclusive exhibition of paintings by

Khusro Subzwari & Xandria Noir

18th - 24th April 2015


Exhibition Opening

18th April 2015

6pm - 8pm


Visit our gallery or view the virtual exhibition




2nd Floor, Plot # 36-C,

Bukhari Commercial Lane-13,

Khayaban-e-Shujaat, Phase-VI, DHA, Karachi.



ARTCITI is an art trading company that hosts a state-of-the-art gallery and an online web portal that aims to promote the artistic talent of Pakistan, throughout the world. With thousands of registered users and followers, ARTCITI has grown immensely in just over a year since its birth, rapidly moving towards becoming an art power house.

ARTCITI is now organized exclusive exhibition of paintings Surreal Sensibilities  by Khusro Subzwari & Xandria Noir.


Khusro Subzwari’s Statement


‘Khusro’s Whirling Dervishes’, the theme, based on Mevlana Rumi’s  verses, is totally an embodiment of inspiration, that derives from the Rumi’s poetry on Spirituality and Love.  The romance with the theme started from his visit to Istanbul exhibition , in 2011. The ‘Sema’ sessions and the ‘aura of spirituality’, surrounding the whirling dervishes, highly touched his sensitivity, thus awakening the sense significantly.

Besides the homeland Groups and Solos, Khusro has participated in numerous different International exhibitions in Istanbul, London and UAE. His recent solo exhibition in the ‘Z Gallery” at Four Points Sheraton, Dubai, Sheikh Zayed Road, UAE, ended on the 30th of Sept., 2014.

He represented ‘Pakistan’ solely, in the International Art Fair in Lugano, Switzerland, in Nov 2012.

The Following ‘Mevlana Rumi’s; poetry became Khusro’s strong inspiration:

The Body is Too Slow for Me

Toward the gardens,Toward the orchards,

If you want to stay here,Stay here –

My day is dark without His Face,

I am going.

I am going!

Toward that bright flame

I am going.

My soul is racing ahead of me.

It says, The body is too slow for me -

I am going.............

- From: A Garden Beyond Paradise: The Mystical Poetry of Rumi



Xandria-Noir’s Statement


Xandria-Noir is an abstract expressionist painter who has studied New York School intensely over the years and retains great admiration for its founders Robert Motherwell, Clyfford Still, Franz Kline and Jackson Pollock. She is also greatly inspired by Fauvism and Neoplasticism (The Stijl). She wants to revive the early twentieth century abstract art through her work. She is known for her brightly painted expressions on canvas, board, and wood emphasizing on bold black large areas that are the main elements of her paintings in conveying her emotions and feelings and responses to music and events. She also draws inspiration from music and ordinary regular objects that are mostly ignored by people. She paints visual sensations that are her reactions to contemporary experiences. Her paintings are emotionally charged, screaming the illusions of invisible reality. According to her, they appear as psychedelic abstract visions in her mind and she quickly puts them on canvas to ease the intensity.

Xandria-Noir has experimented with several techniques from 1989 till 2005, and after a gap of eight years she has resumed her one and only passionate career in the end of 2012 forming a new ‘palm painting’ technique over large size canvases. She sometimes finds brushes slow to deliver her swift visions promptly hence using her both palms to spread the paint and become a part of the painting herself. From 1989 till now, her work has evolved from representational art to non-representational art over years. She is a cheerful person and loves to use all bright colours incorporated with black and white. The black and white of her paintings represent her belief that everything, including people and life, is crystal clear to her.


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