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The work of Gul-e-Farwa beautifully captures the integral theme of heritage, specifically preserving the rich history. Her work has an emphasis on the undervalued historical buildings and other areas. Farwa’s intention is that her paintings and portrayal of these timeless pieces of architecture, will make sure that future generations get to bask in their marvels as well. She wants to preserve the cultural heritage and ensure people of the future can appreciate how magnificent it once was. As well, Gul-e-Farwa art depicts her belief of the importance of the conservation of the old. She feels that preservation is also an important economic factor that could aid Karachi as a whole; historic architecture attracts tourism.

Farwa thought that Yesterday is the foundation of tomorrow, as such we need to preserve history to pave the way for the future. I want my art to highlight the importance of the old. These days’ people hold modernity in the highest regard, yet I believe that we need to pay homage to our roots as well. People crumble under the pressures and responsibilities of everyday life, yet buildings on the other hand stand tall no matter what is thrown at them; hence, showing their right to be admired and preserved for years to come. However with cities and its influx of progress and striving for contemporaneity, that might not be a possibility. This is why I was to represent the glamorous brick structures of that passed through my canvas. This is to ensure that in some capacity the future children of Karachi will be able to see their beauty. It is my utmost hope that my paintings will contribute to the preservation of these structures, for they are of the pride of Pakistan.

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