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Samina Mumtaz

Samina Mumtaz

Artist Statement

Samina Mumtaz a talented, passionate and hardworking artist who has a long track record of creating original pieces of art work, through a vacuity of mediums painting and sculpture ceramic. She excelled in creating captivating sculptures from a versatile range of materials including paints ,marble, bronze, metal, wood, clay and ceramics.

Over 20 years of experience as a fine artist painter a sculptor she showed a passion to create world class art pieces and paintings. She worked with a wide variety of materials such as wood, metal, clay 3D and created super two three and four dimensional art work. Over the time her work evolved in to another level, she experimented with new techniques and mediums such as blending of ceramics and wood in her mixed media sculptures. Her sculptures portrayal the beauty and tradition that exists in ancient era and in her work she fused traditional wood work style with western creative ideals.

Samina Mumtaz sculpting and painting skills ensures that her work is always of highest quality. She owns a home based studio by the name of Essence of Ceramics where she conducted various workshops, taught the sculpture, painting and ceramics as well developed artskills of emerging artists. She has implicated overseas NESA conferences and workshops. She has exhibited her art work in numerous exhibitions as well did solo and group art shows. She has ability to create art pieces for either sale or exhibition and an expert at developing artistic

Concept: Heritage is what has been inherited by our ancestors to us. it could be value culture or traditional and I keep it dear to my heart.

The Mughal period is the most beautiful era of all time and the inspiration for my work theme comes from there. The charisma of Architecture such as arches, domes, motifs, balconies and the beauty of female figure blends together in my work. I have experimented with the median and through my ceramic sculptures I have explored the natural texture and have tried to use the forms in advantage of my topic. There shown the Persian influence through the colors I have used in my Ceramic Pieces which has adorned my sculptures. And I have and included in my paintings the Islamic architecture full of colour to give it a new life.


I have evolved a new style incorporated with the subject. Its an experience which has given me immense happiness. A Melody of my Soul a Story of Classical History which I have romanticized in my own way.

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