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Saba Qayoom Leghari

Saba Qayoom Leghari

Most of people among us get attracted towards the objects which are externally beautiful. In contrast objects which are ugly, they repel us of course. But what I believe is that “the real beauty of an object lies inside instead of outside”. And it can only be explored when we start looking from our hearts instead of our eyes. Thus many times unpleasant aspects like polluted still water, decayed plants, soil salinity, extreme summer, traffic smoke and even garbage become the source of my inspiration. I always seek beauty inside something very ordinary even icky, dirty and problematic. Thus to reveal that secret beauty I put it on canvas with heart and soul.

Mostly my paintings bear no human presence, but yes there are some other aspects that reveal symptoms of life and people in an indirect way. Thus viewers are openly invited to join. Where ever they want to go and whatever they want to touch inside the painting they can, without any concern of human possession.
My style flows between the two: Realism and Impressionism. I usually paint with kitchen knife with thick oil paint (impasto).This enables me to put my secret joy dramatically and spontaneously on to the canvas. The unusual textures of impasto express my sudden impulse. 

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