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Adnan Ahmed

Adnan Ahmed

Colours and sketching always used to attract me from the childhood. As a child, I started  drawing with broken lines and filled in colours with markers. My passion for art grew with the passage of time. There came a time when i started sketching using photographs. After graduation i happened to visit "Karachi School Of Art"(K.S.A).

There i came to know what real art is and i made up my mind to take art as a profession. In 1996, i took addmission in K.S.A. This is the place where i learned the rules of art. It is just like a place of worship to me. I have always tried to improve my skills during my academic life. In my 3rd year, i chose Painting(Major) and Printmaking (Minor) subjects and selected Oils as my medium. "Light and Shade" is that topic which was always influenced me. I am extremely inspired by Great Old Master "Caravaggio" and try to bring out the same combination of "Light and Shade" which is the speciality of Caravaggio's paintings. In my final thesis, i chose "Light and Shade" as my topic and did my best in this theme. After passing out from K.S.A, i started my career as a Graphic Designer in a Software house. And Thanks to God, i got success in this field too.


I am basically a realist painter, but i have also worked in other styles. My early work consist of figurative and still lifes which i executed in realism. Then i started taking interest in Nature. My work draws on the seascape inspired by the nature, reinterpreting it with the help of my imagination. The sea is the ultimate inspiration which is in the centre of my artistic creation. The water is the element in constant movement and with constant rebirth. Sometimes is mute and deep as the human soul.

For me, sea is vast as a mirror where we can observe our own reflection, our lives and existence. The sea narrates the human destiny and represents eternity. It is a personal challenge to be able to capture the sea, to create how it “feels”. To paint impermanence into a permanent state requires control and freedom together. I have found that in creating something like the sea, it has to be felt as much as possible, to “touch” the reality with the chosen medium and shape it on the canvas. consider myself to be very fortunate to have been “given” somehow this subject. It is such a beautiful subject to be a part of, and there are so many possibilities available to me. I remain thankful and grateful for all I have received, from everyone and everything involved.

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