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Chitra Pritam, Fisherman's Respite, 30 x 36 Inch, Oil on Canvas, Seascape Painting, AC-CP-299

Rs.875,000 ($3,102.83)
Artist: Chitra Pritam
Artwork Code: AC-CP-299
Availability: In Stock
Title: Fisherman's Respite
Medium: Oil on Canvas
Size: 30 x 36 Inch
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Wiring is the work of people associated with education and literature. Although, this is hard and difficult task for me, however, I have a few words for my friends. Please do not consider my syntax a written prose as these are spontaneously spoken words which I present before you in all humbleness.

To become a painter was the only desire I had in life. I remained engrossed in finding the path to achieve redemption, until one day, with a few letters of Syed Anees Shah Gilani in hand, I left my village Sanjarpur (District Rahimyarkan) and began my life in the busy metropolitan of Karachi. With little to go on and being without friends and help, my unrelenting faith became a strength that kept my hopes high in the most agonizing times. In my obsession to paint I went through a period of deep fixation. In the melting pot of time, my life was thawing in such a way that I became oblivious to the material world, the existent and the obscure. There was only a singular objective under the influence of which I kept passing my day & night paying to God.

In search of spiritual guide, I kept withstanding the vicissitude of time and events until finally I meet my geuru Jamil Naqsb. Famous poet Obaidullah Aleem was the cause of this remarkable dawn in my life. The day I met Jamil Naqsh was the most striking and memorable day of my life which I will always cherish. I am forever grateful to Obaidullah Aleem and pray that may God always keep him under his blissful sanctuary.

To become a solemndisciple of the deity Jamil Nasqsh is by no means an easy task. Abundant patience, obedience and respect are some of the mandatory essentials. In plain words, it is like having to swim across a river of fire. It is my belief that whatever the circumstances, purposeful deeds and strong faith can case out the difficulties of life. Moment after moment, considering every objective a milestone, I kept walking through the difficult junctures in the capacity of a fervent apprentice. Although I withstood under and weathered cold without a blanker, but I maintained respect, tradition and befitting mannerism because there was room for neither mistake nor forgiveness.

With respect and obedience and without asking questions, I kept learning the appreciation of art, its universal philosophy and ways to tackle the vacuum between technical & mechanical elements of painting from Jamil Naqsh in a remarkably exquisite manner. This gradual input kept enhancing my abilities to appreciate and execute art.

Art Name:
Title: Fisherman's Respite
Medium: Oil on Canvas
Size: 30 x 36 Inch

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