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Farheen Kanwal

Farheen Kanwal

Artist statement:

My works are the lost energy of my self that I try to gather through Impressions of light in landscapes seascape  cityscapes surroundings The works are from my series from ROSHNION KA SAFAR in which I have

painted landscapes along with cityscapes.

I LOVE NATURE that’s why adding element of nature in cityscapes is my obsession I love how these small light rays  can fill my soul to the brink.

I wish my viewer to bond with these colorful illuminating moody cityscapes Heavy textured strokes with knife and  bold brushstrokes is the best way I can express my self. Night lights moonlight being my main focus in new is  the true expression of work with the amalgamation of rain element (that also represent inner state of self) being  more expressive with my pallette knife painting with strokes direction.


Born and raised in Karachi Pakistan having an innate love for art and nature since childhood, has been pursuing the  dream since then,. Started professionally working and show casing in group exhibitions in Saudi Arabia Jeddah the  passion has brought me back to Pakistan Being a self taught artist had my perception open to all the genre of  painting but seascape and landscapes cityscape are the subjects which she pursue.

My works evolved through continues experimenting and observations first I started painting photo realism then  slowly I started feeling I am making changes subconsciously in my works which I felt should be from my visits to that  place or just through imagination, I realized these are the places I see with my feelings and these works it infuses  emotions whenever I see them. All works of my mine have an story untold why I made it how I made it every piece  has a journey

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