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Pasqualino Fracasso

Pasqualino Fracasso


My name’s Pasqualino Fracasso.  I started watercolor in 2004. My passion for drawing and painting and is something that I had inside of me as a child, but for many reasons and I discoverde, or I looked more passionately, only a short time ago!

And ‘all started a little’ by chance but then, like a thunderbolt, and ‘become an overwhelming passion that I discovered my little great gift! I have cultivated this passion as a self-taught because there was no one near me that I could drive in this technique and in this path. So I studied in books, I tried and tried and never give up and seeing that my brain had really begun to “think of watercolor.” Then I had the good fortune to meet Franco Grobberio that made me take the next leap and from there I started to work in a more methodical to refine my technique. Pitturavo, and it painted still, in the evening from 22:30 onwards when my family pulls the plug. I then began to make the first solo where I really understood that people liked my paintings (to the point of paying to have one in the house! Amazing!) And I was able to communicate something through my art: painted to pull out something to me, and that something was able to excite others as excited me! perhaps for different reasons but came inside to people. At this point my studies widened leading me to experience many types of techniques, colors, subjects and visions! fantastic! and so I began to try to make myself known on the web: it is the birthplace and many other projects and developments. I have known and I have made known by artists and experts around Italy and the world, receiving acclaim that stimulated me to improve yet to experience and work in a more professional manner. I’ve been so selected to participate in events at national and international level and are selected by the AIA (National Association Watercolourists) and the International Association of Watercolourists Birminghan (UK).

But that ‘s just the beginning of my journey ..



At the technical level and the watercolor technique, as you can imagine, is difficult! for a lot ‘of reasons. First: “the watercolor does not forgive!” you can ‘t just wrong cause you can not go to erase or cover up a mistake (or at least not always). Second, “watercolor is anti-instinctive” I can not do with a light white: I have to leave the paper “not colored” and then, if those, I lose the lights and not the recovery more’, I have to plan my Working deciding stages, tones and so on, you have to have a clear idea of how to structure the work and then you can let go of the instinct. Three ‘and’ very important because the hand a beautiful watercolor should be cool and composed of a few coats of paint that overlap, “and few safe hands in the stretch and shapes! Four: “watercolor is made of successive layers of color” so I can not just paint what I want: I think as a superposition of elements and colors that they do not see results immediately. And then there are so many other reasons … however, in order to “watercolor” (and not paint with watercolors) you have to “think” differently than painting in general: once that has been able to make this leap opens up a world, fascinating and painful that puts us to a new level where you can really begin to work. A artistic level all agree on the difficulty and beauty of this technique but unfortunately it has always been considered a “minor art”. Perhaps because of its delicacy, boh! a watercolor painting, in the common mentality, that is less than one in oil!

On a personal level I love the watercolor for the following reasons. I love to let go of the water, leaving it free to create effects and random games, unrepeatable, and characterized by a freshness and an incomparable delicacy. I love see the color which in contact with the water explodes and free. I love to see what strange effects are created by overlapping colors and different spots … so whenever unpredictable!

today my paintings are the result of many experiments and therefore are characterized by a strong versatility of techniques, subjects, colors … in short, seem to be made by different painters! but I am perfectly aware that they are only the beginning: they are in a research phase of what I am artistically! these paintings are a part of me but I’m not “me.”


Shenzhen Watercolor Biennal 2013 – China – december 2013

93th National Watercolor Society International exhibition – San Pedro CA- USA november 2013

North East Watercolor Society international exhibition – Kent  USA – october 2013

32th International Juried Exhibition Society of Watercolor Artist – Fort Worth TX – USA 2013- First Place Award

Salon international de l’aquarelle de Balgique – Namur – Belgium 2013

Aquarelle 2013 international exhibition- Lausanne- Switzerland 2013

Aqueous open international – Pittsburgh USA – 2012

North West Watercolor Society international exhibition – Design Center – Seattle USA – 2012

North East Watercolor Society international exhibition – Kent  USA – 2012

Hambury Hall international BWS exhibition – Worcester  UK – 2012

Galleria civica di St-Vincent (AO) – Italia – 2012

Concorso internazionale di acquerello – Bellagio (CO) – Italia – 2012

Aqueous open international – Pittsburgh USA – 2011

Watermedia International – Colorado Springs USA – 2011 – Award

North East Watercolor Society international exhibition – Kent  USA – 2011

Hambury Hall international BWS exhibition – Worcester  UK – 2011

Museo del Mare di Genova – Italia – 2010

Castello estense di Ferrara – Italia – 2009

Torre dei Signori – Aosta – 2007 – 2008

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